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Affordability for all

You shouldn’t have to be rich to live in Ferndale. As mayor, Brian will make it a priority to combat the rising cost of living and to maintain the affordability of housing in our community.

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Cleaner, Greener city

The health of our environment is directly linked to the well-being of our local and global communities. Through a localized Green New Deal, Brian’s goal is to make Ferndale a leader of sustainability in our state.

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Smarter Financial Management

Residents’ and workers’ rights deserve to be defended. Under Brian’s economic plan, your tax dollars will go further to benefit you and your neighbors, not just developers.


Brian’s Vision

Brian Stawowy is running as an open Democratic Socialist to serve Ferndale’s working class residents—not the real estate lobby and luxury developers. His radical, transformative platform includes fighting for truly affordable housing, creating a local Green New Deal, and ensuring Ferndale is a sanctuary city for all, including the poor, immigrants, people of color, and the LGBTQIA community.
Meet Brian


The Incumbents vs. Brian and Nada

Many Ferndale residents were recently sent a mailer highlighting the key differences between the policy vision of Brian and Nada against the track record of their opponents.




Join the movement.



The most important thing you can do to support Brian is to vote on Election Day, November 5, 2019. New this year, there is no voter registration deadline in Michigan, but we encourage you to make sure you are registered ahead of time.

Get involved

Brian’s campaign is fueled by the tireless efforts of our passionate group of volunteers. As a volunteer, you can contribute to canvassing efforts, make phone calls, or simply display a yard sign to show your support for Brian. 


Brian’s campaign is funded entirely by grassroots donors, and he is not accepting any money from developers or the real estate lobby. Your donation of any amount will be used to inform the community and generate support for Brian’s message.


Do you have a plan to vote?

If you plan to vote in person, Election Day is Tuesday, November 5th. Visit the Michigan Voter Information Center to locate your polling location.

Michigan's passage of Proposal 3 means that there is no deadline to register to vote for the 2019 Ferndale election. Michigan now allows Same Day registration in person at the clerk’s office. The list of voting locations is available here.

Can’t make it to the polls? Now you can vote absentee without providing a reason! You can find the absentee voter application here.